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Who we are

In the heart of the Montreal West Island, Westpark Pool is THE place for summer family fun!  Westpark Pool has serviced the West Island community for over four decades.  The pool features two diving boards, snack bar, men’s and women’s changing areas, nature area, newly paved basketball court, and an active beach volleyball area.   

Learn more: http://westpark.poolreg.com/AboutUs.aspx

Aquatic Programs

We offer Swimming lessons, Compatitive Swim Team, Synchronized Swimming, Waterpolo, and Diving  

Learn more: http://westpark.poolreg.com/Programs.aspx


Our hours for the week:

Saturday, September 2 - Monday, September 4, 2023

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If you have any questions please email us at westparkpool@gmail.com

WESTPARK Pool Board of Directors

Day Camp for 2023

Registration closed for 2023

This year the day camp will  once again be run through our pool with an emphasize on swimming and pool activities.

Please email us at Westparkpooldc@gmail.com for more information!

Terms of Agreement

Day Camp hours 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
For an extra cost Supplemental hours will be available between 7:30am - 8am and 4pm – 6pm.
Camp will be available for a period of 8 weeks. A minimum registration of any two weeks is required.
All campers will be taking part from Monday to Thursday in swimming lessons and swim team(For swim team please note a membership as well as interest in participating in competitions is required to participate.)

On alternate days the camper may be involved in diving lessons, waterpolo lessons and synchronized swimming.
The cost of day camp will be 165/week + 25$/week additionally for extended hours for non-members. For members it is 150$/week + 25$ additionally for extended hours.  (If you're interested in getting a membership please let us know.)

A 50% payment of the total cost of the weeks requested is due the day the registration is taken. The remainder is due by May 28th, 2023.