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These major rules are in place in order to make Westpark pool a safe place to swim. It is imperative that all users know and follows all te rules at all times.

General pool rules are: 

  • No running anywhere in the pool area;
  • No carrying on shoulders;
  • No diapers in the pool;
  • Any child wearing PFDs or “bubbles” must be accompanied by an adult (16+) and must remain at an arm’s length;
  • Any child wearing “water wings” will be asked to take it off
  • No toys or noodles during free swim;
  • No diving in the shallow end;
  • No somersaults or back dives or backwards jump off the side
  • No horseplay in and around the pool;
  • No hanging on the ropes;
  • No foul language;
  • No glassware in and around the pool;
  • No smoking within the pool premise;
  • No food in and around the pool;
  • No chewing gun in and around the pool;
  • Keep ladders clear;
  • No chairs on deck;
  • No waterguns;
  • No kids in the office.


Diving board rules are as followed

  • No double bouncing off the board;
  • No running on the diving board;
  • Only 1 person at a time on the diving board;
  • Only jump or dive at the end of the board;
  • No flips, twists, spins, back dives or inward dives off the diving board;
  • No sitting, hanging, or ling on the diving board;
  • After diving, swimmers must clear the diving area;
  • Divers must wait until the area is clear before jumping or diving;
  • Anyone with a lifejacket is not permitted to jump.

These are some of the major rules. There are of course many other rules, it is left up to the lifeguards if other rules pertain to a situation

For any questions or problems regarding pool rules, please ask the supervisor on duty for clarifications.